gSOAP user guide --- ![Download](images/html.png) [gSOAP user guide](doc/soapdoc2.html) on one big HTML page. ![Download](images/pdf.png) [gSOAP user guide](doc/soapdoc2.pdf) as a downloadable PDF document. XML data bindings --- ![Download](images/html.png) *updated!* [XML data binding documentation with examples](doc/databinding/html/index.html) describes the WSDL/XSD mapping tools to and from C/C++ types and QT C++ types. Explains the use of typemap.dat for wsdl2h with an explanation of the gSOAP C/C++ type and name binding conventions. Also describes memory management of objects and data under (de)serialization. Includes an "Address Book" and a data structure "Graph" data binding example. XML-RPC and JSON/JSONPath with the jsoncpp tool --- ![Download](images/html.png) *updated!* [XML-RPC and JSON/JSONPath](doc/xml-rpc-json/html/index.html) presents the XML-RPC and JSON/JSONPath library for C/C++, and the new jsoncpp code generator to simplify JSON coding. JSON-RPC/REST client/server examples are included. XML DOM and XPath with the domcpp tool --- ![Download](images/html.png) *updated!* [XML DOM and XPath](doc/dom/html/index.html) presents the DOM API with the updated XML DOM library v5 for C/C++, and the new domcpp code generation tool to simplify DOM coding. Apache, ISAPI, and WinInet for gSOAP --- ![Download](images/html.png) [Apache module for gSOAP](doc/apache/html/index.html) describes the deployment of gSOAP services in Apache Web servers as Apache modules. ![Download](images/html.png) *updated!* [ISAPI extension for gSOAP](doc/isapi/html/index.html) describes the deployment of gSOAP services in Microsoft IIS as ISAPI extensions. ![Download](images/html.png) [WinInet plugin for gSOAP](doc/wininet/html/index.html) describes the use of WinInet for gSOAP client applications. iOS plugin for gSOAP --- ![Download](images/html.png) *new!* [iOS for gSOAP](doc/ios/html/index.html) describes the use of our iOS plugin for gSOAP to develop apps. Four example iOS apps are explained. Security and authentication with gSOAP plugins --- ![Download](images/html.png) *new!* [WS-Trust](doc/wst/html/index.html) describes the WS-Trust extensible framework. Includes SAML token creation, signing, verification, PSHA1, and more. Requires the WS-Security plugin. ![Download](images/html.png) *updated!* [WS-Security](doc/wsse/html/wsse.html) describes the WSSE plugin for WS-Security authentication, digital signatures, and encryption. ![Download](images/html.png) [WS-Security lite](doc/wsse-lite/html/wsse.html) describes client-server authentication with a light-weight implementation of WS-Security. Use this plugin for username authentication tokens and timestamps over HTTPS. Does not support signature and encryption. ![Download](images/html.png) [WSSE smdevp signed message digest engine](doc/wsse/html/smdevp.html) describes the digest engine of the WSSE plugin. ![Download](images/html.png) [WSSE mecevp streaming message encryption and decryption engine](doc/wsse/html/mecevp.html) describes the encryption engine of the WSSE plugin. ![Download](images/html.png) [HTTP digest authentication](doc/httpda/html/httpda.html) describes the httpda plugin for secure HTTP authentication to replace HTTP basic authentication that is not secure over non-encrypted channels. ![Download](images/html.png) *new!* [HTTP server session management](doc/sessions/html/index.html) describes the HTTP server session management plugin for secure server-side HTTP sessions with cookies. Reliable messaging and message addressing with gSOAP plugins --- ![Download](images/html.png) [WS-Addressing](doc/wsa/html/wsa_0.html) describes the WSA plugin for WS-Addressing of messages and message (re)routing. ![Download](images/html.png) [WS-ReliableMessaging](doc/wsrm/html/wsrm_0.html) describes the WSRM plugin for WS-ReliableMessaging message sequence creation and message sequence assured delivery with (optional) message resends. ![Download](images/html.png) [WSRM mq plugin for inbound message queueing and message replay](doc/wsrm/html/mq_0.html) describes the MQ plugin for message queueing in support of WS-RM NoDiscard behavior. Service discovery gSOAP plugin --- ![Download](images/html.png) [WS-Discovery](doc/wsdd/html/wsdd_0.html) describes the WSDD plugin for service discovery with WS-Discovery. Legacy gSOAP UDDI v2 API --- ![Download](images/html.png) [UDDI v2 API](doc/uddi2/html/index.html) describes the gSOAP UDDI v2 API. RE/flex --- ![Download](images/html.png) The RE/flex [manual.](doc/reflex/html/index.html) [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](docs.html)