Download and Installation

Secure downloading of the commercial gSOAP edition requires a paid [license key.](products.html) New keys are generated periodically. See our [products](products.html#gsoap) to inquire about commercial licensing options for the commercial gSOAP edition. [Subscribe]( to receive notifications of important updates. Please [contact us](contact.html) if you have questions. To download the open source GPLv2 version of the gSOAP toolkit visit [SourceForge.]( **Genivia is the sole copyright owner and licensor of the gSOAP toolkit. Genivia is exclusively entitled to offer gSOAP commercial-use licenses world wide. Commercial-use licenses not issued and signed by Genivia are in violation of international laws protecting intellectual property rights.** ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.124E](thanks.html? stable commercial edition released December 4, 2022 - [SHA-256](#releases) After upgrading you can still use an older version of the wsdl2h tool, or reuse the old header file(s) generated by your older wsdl2h version. This minimizes the impact on your current code base when upgrading. All important updates are applied to the soapcpp2 tool, the libraries and the plugins. Looking for older releases of gSOAP? [Please see here.](#releases) ![Download](images/download.png) [wsdl2h.exe](thanks.html?download=wsdl2h.exe) Windows version of the CLI [wsdl2h tool](dev.html#overview) that supports SSL/TLS to connect to https sites - [SHA-256](#wsdl2h) ![Download](images/download.png) [jsoncpp.exe](thanks.html?download=jsoncpp.exe) Windows version of the CLI [jsoncpp tool](doc/dom/html/index.html) - [SHA-256](#jsoncpp) ![Download](images/download.png) [domcpp.exe](thanks.html?download=domcpp.exe) Windows version of the CLI [domcpp tool](doc/dom/html/index.html) - [SHA-256](#domcpp) ![Download](images/download.png) [testmsgr.exe](thanks.html?download=testmsgr.exe) Windows version of the CLI [testmsgr tool](doc/testmsgr/html/index.html) for unit testing, regression testing, and fuzz testing, supporting SSL/TLS to connect to https sites - [SHA-256](#testmsgr) ![Download](images/download.png) [High protect](thanks.html? plugin to securely deploy services with old versions of gSOAP in high-risk environments (this plugin is only applicable to gSOAP versions prior to 2.8.48 that have not been patched), GPLv2 users can get the plugin [here](devilsivy.html) ![Download](images/download.png) [CA certificates - cacerts.pem]( updated August 31, 2022 ![Download](images/html.png) [gSOAP changelog](changelog.html) ![Download](images/pdf.png) [gSOAP fact sheet](factsheet.pdf) For important gSOAP patches and advisories [please see our advisories.](advisory.html) ![Download](images/download.png) [reflex]( free open source (BSD-3) fast lexical analyzer generator for C++ ![Download](images/download.png) [ugrep]( free open source (BSD-3) high-performance file search utility Sign up to [receive notifications of software updates](contact.html) (no spam) Installing gSOAP on Windows {#win} --- Windows (all versions) and WinCE are supported. Executables and source code are both included in the download package. This means that Windows developers can start right away. If you get an error *"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application."* when running wsdl2h.exe or soapcpp2.exe then upgrade to gSOAP 2.8.58 or later or download Microsoft [Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015]( For MSVC++ examples, see the gsoap/VisualStudio2005 directory in the download package for examples that work with VisualStudio 2005 and later. The x86 and x64 executables of the two gSOAP tools are located in the download package: - `gsoap/bin/win32/wsdl2h.exe` translator of WSDL/XSD to services and XML data bindings (interface tool) - `gsoap/bin/win64/wsdl2h.exe` translator of WSDL/XSD to services and XML data bindings (interface tool) - `gsoap/bin/win32/soapcpp2.exe` code generator for services and XML data bindings (implementation tool) - `gsoap/bin/win64/soapcpp2.exe` code generator for services and XML data bindings (implementation tool) The `wsdl2h.exe` and `soapcpp2.exe` tools are invoked from the Windows command prompt or from within your IDE as a custom-build step in Visual Studio. Make sure that `wsdl2h.exe` and `soapcpp2.exe` can be launched/executed from the Windows command prompt. To do so, select My Computer / Properties / Advanced System Settings / Environment Variables. In the bottom pane select Path and click Edit. Add the full path ending with `gsoap/bin/win32/` (or `gsoap/bin/win64/` after the last ';'. You should now be able to execute `wsdl2h.exe` and `soapcpp2.exe` from the command line, or from Start / Run. To invoke `wsdl2h.exe` as a custom build step in Visual Studio C++ on a given input WSDL file, first select the project name in **Solution Explorer** then **Property Pages** from the **View** menu, see [custom-build steps in Visual Studio]( Enter `wsdl2h.exe -o service.h "FullPathToWSDLfile"` as the **Command Line** property in **Custom Build Step** with the full path to the WSDL or the WSDL URL. Enter the generated gSOAP header file `service.h` as the **Outputs** property. Follow the same procedure to configure `soapcpp2.exe` to be invoked on this gSOAP header file (assuming you generated this file first), enter `soapcpp2.exe "C:\Users/YourUserName\Documents\VisualStudio 20XX\Projects\YY\service.h"` as a **Command Line** with YourUserName and XX and YY set as needed. Enter `soapStub.h` `soapH.h` `soapC.cpp` `soapClient.cpp` `soapServer.cpp` as **Outputs**. If you prefer generating client proxy and/or server web service classes using `soapcpp2.exe -j` then add the `soapXYZProxy.h` `soapXYZProxy.cpp` `soapXYZService.h` `soapXYZService.cpp` as **Outputs** as well. Run `soapcpp2` by selecting the gSOAP header file and `Compile`. Add the generated files to your project's dependencies. To invoke `wsdl2h.exe` from the Windows command prompt, execute `wsdl2h.exe` on one or more WSDL and/or XSD files to generate code. Say you have a WSDL file `service.wsdl`. The steps to generate the service interface `service.h` and the client and server implementation source code files are: [command] wsdl2h.exe -o service.h service.wsdl soapcpp2.exe -j service.h You can use `wsdl2h.exe` with URLs to WSDL and XSD files as well. But please note that `wsdl2h.exe` is not https-capable in the open source GPL-licensed version of gSOAP. To obtain the commercial version of the `wsdl2h.exe` tool that supports SSL/TLS, use the download link at the top of this page. **Important:** the gSOAP distribution package contains a number of `.c` files. Mixing `.c` with `.cpp` files is not recommended with Visual Studio and may lead to compile time errors or even runtime errors when building DLLs. Therefore, always rename `.c` files to `.cpp` files to use them in your C++ projects with Visual Studio. For more details on how to develop client and server applications, see [getting started.](dev.html) Your project should take the following dependences into account: - `winsock2.h` - `ws2tcpip.h` - `ws2spi.h` - `Ws2_32.lib` The `ws2_32.lib` dependence may require some steps. To do this in Visual Studio C++ for example, go to "Project", "settings", select the "Link" tab (the project file needs to be selected in the file view) and add `ws2_32.lib` to the "Object/library modules" entry You are now [ready to use gSOAP](dev.html) from the Windows shell command line or invoke the tools in Visual Studio as custom-build steps. [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#) Installing gSOAP on Windows with Cygwin or MinGW {#cygwin} --- Read [Installing gSOAP on Windows](#win) first and you can ignore the discussion of Visual Studio. You must link your code against `-lws2_32` and use `-DWITH_NO_C_LOCALE` to compile. For example: [command] soapcpp2.exe -j -CL calc.h c++ -DWITH_NO_C_LOCALE -o calcclient calcclient.cpp soapC.cpp soapcalcProxy.cpp stdsoap2.cpp -lws2_32 Later gSOAP releases may work without removing locale support with the `-DWITH_NO_C_LOCALE` option, so try compiling without this option first to see if this completes without reporting errors with `locale_t` or that xlocale.h could not be found. Install OpenSSL and Zlib libraries to enable HTTPS and HTTP compression. Cygwin users should select openssl-devel source and zlib-devel source to install. Otherwise, the OpenSSL and Zlib header files cannot be found. Tip: when autoconf, automake, flex, bison, openssl-devel, and zlib-devel are installed you can run configure to build the gSOAP tools and libraries as follows: [command] ./configure make make install To pass compile-time flags to `make`, such as `-DWITH_NO_C_LOCALE`: [command] make CFLAGS="-DWITH_NO_C_LOCALE" CXXFLAG="-DWITH_NO_C_LOCALE" where `CFLAGS` applies to compiling C applications and `CXXFLAGS` applies to compiling C++ applications. [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#) Installing gSOAP on Mac OS X {#mac} --- It is recommended to install gSOAP per installation instructions for Unix/Linux as described below. We strongly recommend to download the latest version of OpenSSL to build the tools. Use an installation tool such as [Macports]( or [Homebrew]( to install OpenSSL: First install the Xcode command line tools, then Flex, Bison, and OpenSSL: [command] xcode-select -install sudo port install flex bison openssl Then execute: [command] cd gsoap-2.8 ./configure --with-openssl=/usr/local/opt/openssl make sudo make install For convenience we also included Mac OS X binaries of the tools in the download package, but built without OpenSSL: - `gsoap/bin/macosx/wsdl2h` translator of WSDL/XSD to services and XML data bindings (interface tool) - `gsoap/bin/macosx/soapcpp2` code generator for services and XML data bindings (implementation tool) Use `-I/usr/local/opt/openssl/include` and `-L/usr/local/opt/openssl/lib` to compile your code. Instead of the `gsoap/libgsoapXX.a` libraries, you can compile and link the source code `gsoap/stdsoap2.c` and `gsoap/stdsoap2.cpp` directly in your project builds. When compiling these source files you can enable SSL, GZIP, HTTP cookies, IPv6 support using the following compiler flags: - `-DWITH_OPENSSL` to enable SSL, link with OpenSSL - `-DWITH_GNUTLS` to enable SSL, link with GNUTLS - `-DWITH_GZIP` to enable compression, link with Zlib - `-DWITH_COOKIES` to enable HTTP cookies (not recommended) - `-DWITH_IPV6` to enable IPv6 - `-DWITH_C_LOCALE` to force C locale, needed for proper use of decimal point in float values - `-DWITH_NO_C_LOCALE` no C locale, in case of compiler errors with `locale_t` or xlocale.h - `-DWITH_DOM` to enable DOM for WS-Security, link with `dom.c` (or `dom.cpp` with C++) These flags should be used to compile *ALL* of your source code files to ensure consistency. There is also a [MacPorts]( port of gSOAP available. To install, execute: [command] port list gsoap port install gsoap Before installing, check the release version of gSOAP on MacPorts against the [changelog](changelog.html) to determine if the MacPorts version is up to date. [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#) Installing gSOAP on Unix/Linux {#unix} --- Make sure that you have Flex and Bison installed to build the soapccp2 tool: [command] sudo apt-get install flex bison If you run into trouble installing Flex or Bison, then see [the next section.](#noautomake) You may want to install OpenSSL to enable HTTPS for gSOAP clients and servers: [command] sudo apt-get install libssl-dev If you run into trouble installing OpenSSL, then see further below how to disable OpenSSL support in gSOAP. Install the gSOAP software on Unix/Linux systems as follows: [command] ./configure make sudo make install For the last step we use admin (root) permissions using sudo. To install the executables in a local folder, say in `$HOME/bin` without requiring root access, use: [command] ./configure make sudo make install exec_prefix=$HOME The `./configure` command takes the following configuration options: - `--enable-samples` also builds the examples - `--enable-ipv6` builds the library with IPv6 support (with compiler option `-DWITH_IPV6`) - `--enable-ipv6-v6only` builds the library with IPv6 support without remapping IPv4 to IPv6 (with compiler option `-DWITH_IPV6_V6ONLY`) - `--disable-ssl` removes all dependences on OpenSSL from the tools and libraries - `--enable-gnutls` replaces the dependence on OpenSSL by GNU TLS (with compiler option `-DWITH_GNUTLS`) - `--enable-debug` builds the software (with compiler option `-DDEBUG`) to produce audit logs (slow, not recommended for production) - `--disable-namespaces` removes global namespaces table linkage requirement (recommended for experts only) - `--disable-c-locale` removes the C locale and `locale_t` type that is internally used to override the local locale (the C locale is needed for proper use of decimal point in float values) - `--enable-xlocale` forces the inclusion of `xlocale.h` to define the `locale_t` type, which is useful if the build fails due to an undefined `locale_t` type - `--with-openssl=DIR` specifies the OpenSSL installation directory - `--with-zlib=DIR` specifies the Zlib installation directory After successful configuration and completion of the build steps, the following two tools are produced: - `gsoap/bin/wsdl2h` translator of WSDL/XSD to services and XML data bindings (interface tool) - `gsoap/bin/soapcpp2` code generator for services and XML data bindings (implementation tool) The following libraries are produced depending on the configuration options: - `gsoap/libgsoap++.a` the C++ runtime engine (plain, no HTTPS) - `gsoap/libgsoapssl++.a` the C++ runtime engine with DOM support, cookies, zlib, and SSL - `gsoap/libgsoap.a` the C runtime engine (plain, no HTTPS) - `gsoap/libgsoapssl.a` the C runtime engine with DOM support, cookies, zlib, and SSL If you got these files, you are now [ready to use gSOAP.](dev.html) If the above fails, then please verify that you have: - Automake tools installed (make and GNU m4) - Bison installed from []( or Yacc - Flex installed from [GitHub]( - OpenSSL from []( or GNUTLS from []( or you must disable SSL with `./configure --disable-ssl`, see below - Optionally Zlib to support compression from []( To build the tools and libraries without SSL/TLS (i.e. removing HTTPS support and WS-Security support from wsdl2h and the libraries), rerun: [command] ./configure --disable-ssl make sudo make install For the last step use admin (root) permissions (e.g. using sudo) or use `exec_prefix` to install locally (see above). To pass compile-time flags to `make`, such as `-DWITH_NO_C_LOCALE`: [command] make CFLAGS="-DWITH_NO_C_LOCALE" CXXFLAG="-DWITH_NO_C_LOCALE" where `CFLAGS` applies to compiling C applications and `CXXFLAGS` applies to compiling C++ applications. If you are having trouble with automake, Bison, or Flex then see the additional instructions below. [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#) Installing gSOAP on Mac OS X/Unix/Linux without automake, Bison, and Flex {#noautomake} --- If automake, Bison, and Flex are not installed on your system and you cannot get these to install, then build the `wsdl2h` and `soapcpp2` tools as follows: [command] cd gsoap/src make -f MakefileManual soapcpp2 cd gsoap/wsdl make -f MakefileManual secure If this fails to build `soapcpp2` because the files `gsoap/src/lex.yy.c`, `gsoap/src/` (or `gsoap/src/soapcpp2_yacc.h`), and `gsoap/src/` (or `gsoap/src/soapcpp2_yacc.c`) were removed in a prior build attempt, then please unarchive the gSOAP package content again to retrieve these original files and redo the steps above. If you do not have OpenSSL installed, then building a https-capable `wsdl2h` fails. To build `wsdl2h` without OpenSSL for https: [command] cd gsoap/wsdl make -f MakefileManual This produces: - `gsoap/bin/wsdl2h` translator of WSDL/XSD to services and XML data bindings (interface tool) - `gsoap/bin/soapcpp2` code generator for services and XML data bindings (implementation tool) Instead of the `gsoap/libgsoapXX.a` libraries (which were not produced), you can compile and link the source code `gsoap/stdsoap2.c` (for C) and `gsoap/stdsoap2.cpp` (for C++) directly in your project builds. When compiling these source files you can enable SSL, GZIP, HTTP cookies, IPv6 support using the following compiler flags: - `-DWITH_OPENSSL` to enable SSL, link with OpenSSL - `-DWITH_GNUTLS` to enable SSL, link with GNUTLS - `-DWITH_GZIP` to enable compression, link with Zlib - `-DWITH_COOKIES` to enable HTTP cookies (not recommended) - `-DWITH_IPV6` to enable IPv6 - `-DWITH_C_LOCALE` to force C locale - `-DWITH_NO_C_LOCALE` no locale, in case of compiler errors with `locale_t` - `-DWITH_DOM` to enable DOM for WS-Security, link with `dom.c` (or `dom.cpp` with C++) These flags should be used to compile _ALL_ of your source code files to ensure consistency. Note 1: to use clang instead of GCC: [command] cd gsoap/src make CC=clang -f MakefileManual soapcpp2 cd gsoap/wsdl make CC=clang CPP=clang++ -f MakefileManual secure Note 2: some systems may require additional libraries, for example Sun OS: [command] cd gsoap/wsdl make CC=CC CPP=CC SOCKLIB='-lsocket -lnsl -lxnet' -f MakefileManual secure Note 3: to use Yacc instead of Bison: [command] cd gsoap/src make YACC='yacc -d -v -s soapcpp2_yacc' CMFLAGS='-DWITH_YACC -DWITH_FLEX' -f MakefileManual You are now [ready to use gSOAP.](dev.html) [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#) Installing gSOAP on other systems {#other} --- Having trouble installing gSOAP on other systems? If you are unable to build the `wsdl2h` and `soapcpp2` tools on your system, then install the tools on a supported system to generate source code and copy the code cross platforms. The generated source code is portable and platform independent. The gSOAP engine, library, and plugins can be compiled on a wide range of platforms to complete your project builds. For TandemNonStop installation and usage, see the gsoap/TandemNonStop directory in the gSOAP package for instructions. iOS is supported, see the [iOS plugin.](doc/ios/html/index.html) Symbian support is no longer included in the most recent releases. Please inquire for assistance. Palm OS support is no longer included in the most recent releases. The latest stable release with Palm OS support is gSOAP 2.7.8c. [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#) The latest gSOAP commercial edition releases with SHA-256 checksums {#releases} --- Looking for other gSOAP version releases not listed here? Please [contact us](contact.html) for assistance. ### Secure commercial edition and enterprise E releases ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.124E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">f72e71b6af0d9573df0cfec024c562f36d1fc3ca15f63ec6f867e21b8531f57f</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.123E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">c856f3d64351fd984a470daca004a04f9e55948f4e42110235afa8745adbf539</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.122E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">3a98811188f5af22e30105b9f23b11c5b377104faa08bb05cf42646a6f3452d3</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.121E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">2861c05a926fff049bd5b81102b9cf70c6914e0c4b6e8a46fd483935906291d5</i> ### Updated and secured 2.8 commercial edition and enterprise E releases with updates and security patches applied April 5, 2022 ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.120E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">790fa5211adca17545a428ba20ef0e4c44b91b1ce4a8963539d2b0f205ed7010</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.119E](thanks.html? (fixed PEM file) - <i style="font-size: x-small">f3d28cb72395aefe4bd439ae4b233e92cbb8673fa1aa92c6b9f8f125d8648c9e</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.118E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">dfadc219c99f8bfd9602cc7ea9cd413814c3e60b4f3f19ab6e5f464846a2e3a9</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.117E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">4051877b418d1f949edbf78009b2c744453f0515c4aaae0b758232fdb7e76ac1</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.116E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">cffc00470c780f190c0a32c120df919a90272506c332c4ae4538730350366516</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.115E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">a67dee31861083ea21060c3ed0f9027a9e9929c10572586ebdaafe70334e8aae</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.114E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">ca938cf5f964956785b97e1985d712c556da6684cd3ec9402ed1297241a7efc2</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.113E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">fd309cde2c07d8c5c4af92210d02ae4dd0e3a0d236a346cb474462d94e045ab9</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.112E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">24a76295853d7cce37611f4d4f00e1dc469ba41c6dd5ed65b7e4bef71d9f95ee</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.111E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">28cbda78acb57af36a3f12f039fbff0c77839c27d9592e0aa691f7079bda6b10</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.108E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">37f1609c0d0d0c500d84402eb72b5a0e560eb957644bc5a5704a1bd9fc05ab81</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.107E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">d242132bb467180f1f263c0c2bd5ec1093632a9e687c2b4b68f9bf443a287d45</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.106E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">3bfbe3fed71db946eb9269b125617d49939322dd27ea83bb0e0e454f8076feb7</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.105E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">fc227a553e5ece02581968cb370880e1ac8ef2bf70410284f232c707f686aab6</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.104E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">12331524e9c2bc1bc6c05427ba7d1ed53b0814ee458bbf89c42d8a6fe01a0e30</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.103E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">12ed98b71e18edf08d548d10c2a3dee15f488a6fc261327ce06a983e1cbf2b39</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.102E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">a159e1905e8acc185b13353c4e3c32565e32c4c66e0a973a18da48ab2390ffb2</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.101E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">68a8afb8a0a614ecd4f9bf475eaf405617ab3d61c614917af99375c94402ed95</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.98E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">a599ac8bcdc6b0c7eedd9339508fbaafe0aba3a107b1b6470a18cd56154f3e5c</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.97E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">25bb7d8d4c2985c8279eab4d851fa29949f08fe77e84151c786b7e6606eb758b</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.96E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">b623e9627538d1997c96183a8d338c0fdfa31a5cc4d46d241f7a105a50458e71</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.95E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">0dc61b47596be6f1789aaaa2274448c37435148571c5b7322cf938897a2aa5a2</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.94E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">4fd45fd7ab15709fbb5da07fbb4fea1abc8e25a391eefc98765fe97910766159</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.93E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">d79578a8b348c1a1bd3c49559ea91faa840c900ab809bdcfad74b921ba2dc918</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.92E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">b442775652e4d85656a41530907bf7a822884425e21cab64f26fe76b68fd185f</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.91E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">60d79bb72a8d571dbfe7cde180f0382a16631839a6e322f90b5c6ebe14ff0ab5</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.90E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">141f683a8d2704f8ff6c016a7b5caecd39ed769f21c7aeace23f3c6c54636f31</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.89E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">4014d2003d7b25644ab59946f994d1853e57a4d5baee09615349b56e7cafb75f</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.88E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">7e5447277d0376cf17037d5e789e6f4aa2055de3a4947a37bd18ca6a82fa8607</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.87E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">252e845274fb97283759f18bd20357abb312086b891aaba9830abcd5cfb80a21</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.86E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">fea6052858f52fb4c3f19f184f5a267e9a091b7081d9b1637987dd9c47e4a56c</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.85E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">0fc0ccca1e84b54e22440fbd90c6040179ec057812b969f6a625c94d03cad5db</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.84E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">6297d00f53f49cf7a3339fc6021705f87a0d30a6c7de40cc948dcdb30d56060d</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.83E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">4fd27e80f7f7b37f6c1092debe4dbe0e63b5b12bc34fe5aa1ee4a8f0046445ee</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.82E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">7cf79a76c1fa355386b6dbb7357f97fc371776ba5dbfcd61184ea7f44281781d</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.81E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">3a7c9842f6a307a05a8240fa93272d01ad0c552d03d5b24ec0661082a45157b8</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.80E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">2375e4f65696c58ab6dc7a09399c6fa39aeb406c61f5b602c23f26f599a9622a</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.79E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">b5dce44b6fc120a97e580155411ea2ee8588cb2fc1966dae2c2cc643708a45a9</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.78E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">5f1a8fb4a470db8d0fedf2d6ca9337d75d2ef068734d5ebd13dc860ec2320617</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.77E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">53cb81dfab199e0036b3120e4758bbeb143ce71518e9dea8818c2a89d3113835</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.76E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">f3aa533dde7aa548974aa81af7bcef31a1e87e4ab2ef5255e4c60082c9595443</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.75E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">fdeac9b9033a48444489efa552e946c0a7e9b58974da44edc26932912e0e764a</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.74E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">7f89087c5cc7bcc8895c08ee81436ac0959274d0b6d9971692ba2fbf97e8a9ec</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.73E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">43eb9dd7912160839e57e87b6a516fb9942af1a1ab6c89fe87442c502d8a1baa</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.70E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">dc60991aa30e98e9219bd39c26efb342713bfccb4b8e1f3ba84429576fc725ce</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.69E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">2c1cd2591646de4853cf250320a666ea3d58334f7ddaa396af6a058eefc82c42</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.68E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">9a437396332dc87a36b427eb7f9a46ebaa1315358ac0350fba7bf943574405ee</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.67E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">ed02369fcd8489bbee56082614e64938daf88bfa46df819ae3bdd14e21e279b1</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.66E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">ca8cc7d76a36774ad8b0a0c076d02b4db89809b58cf335c68901b4403e9451bc</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.65E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">2af39c68f5fb275d73abdff8a9b3c6daf256c72b08bd8f75e6b09cb67485ed6d</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.64E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">0025269fc2ce922c2f515dbe568cea5bbb7d2fde81c1caf05f0d96e6234e349d</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.63E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">549a7f219ad3e04e4ea73e524136e94637c87a56dc267d5f866e61af0f2aa547</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.62E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">7da143df9ca3d4f017859e865d5ef09b382940be09dfd0b78646a335becccba3</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.61E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">2ddd9a27b893caebf040170d28102941034e702b4d122317465ef3122decfece</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.60E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">35d99da254c53f486eb678301fa2e75267f9dcf38ea865dc7e9e9ae67f10bf7d</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.59E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">e9701b0bfad9761d36377bde70f23a3e95a1ebdae93ac791abae64a46423f6be</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.58E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">04ee01849e62bc6365ffd310243f08e550dacc32ce6f4115314eda29ab141055</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.57E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">b42508abc008f99ed7a0e9cb50b6c49c7d243407b7d5fba64694899109ad8474</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.56E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">653d8bf4e51bcb932b01c0611b61bc48193e3ae0b4b87767e281572dd05e265f</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.55E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">73f0b49ba6defd3d673eb50fb970a4067899f3d5e40b3f489d096ee697b304c0</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.54E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">84a5f749a574862dfb9dfd07e77bba5417cf4e6b07e939aa01f1a1bdf5b30c94</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.53E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">66aaeb1a996531a18b0ac5e5ca7a0cfcdc031165b89bd7d500f55b0bfb694620</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.52E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">be06d453b36abb16dd84448179536913a0fbcdf9ed20cc9f6f5055ea01a8439c</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.51E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">8be2a4e0f215dc12c124107b2c1f71c1d077a0d15007e6f5705d9515d53a1a99</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.50E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">d9b622bb1fb7599a8662513cb6cbe7eb88ce97b1d3643126f38759332edfb183</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.49E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">b7e8f07418b543358a1e7a08c362082d0a4120988d21fe86d1ee38c73777276a</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.48E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">af2c1f11cf3930340fb3282d9bdcaf831e6134094839e5b1b050a38fa23c5b35</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.47E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">8ef394b4e703c8bcb2d43311b0b12c00aab8845cf9bbf1e1a006df66d23a57f2</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.46E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">d1e5b68d8637f4a275b496392a6fae20d2956ef27bdd44f1021bde2df2503065</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.45E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">4425546c39d8e1bbcd053c498024b79f62d1d994fe42bdac6d2542a4794b1e97</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.44E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">8a523f5f0f25cf2ad4097a89c50cfd1d24a726c14a0b0aa2acb5987838779ed7</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.43E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">bce3ebd14c53b6273edac7fe5d27159efbe07dc73280ae43432a0555a0d7ff2c</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.42E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">abf88ca1fa9ac39f8d09cc1f8d123b021882cfe637a91e4491f9f36669f69ab1</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.41E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">f1047561bfbe5320c5b974e13c823aa236b806c5a944bb1a0e34892f32927fc1</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.40E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">39e6c2e7e867ebd4aac7712c790e4c24a919af9bca2fc1be0df502b4057c4c9a</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.39E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">85fb00efa5b4becbc4c3c23f3d39d2ac574eda8c837c47879001a0dd975dc9c9</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.38E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">8a3c9fdb479e0270851c760aeb6f71a0dddfcace68e4ea20fff7442fb1e426f0</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.37E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">0ea1ed6ba8c9bb9fa74078120d91a5a1a3f786351bb85ec2fd7dd0e7c62de821</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.36E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">172d51f5c93b36e96dd88f0ce2754b65a2b70c46dcca7b40433a221f45b310ae</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.35E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">a175589a031607712aabbee89277f641413e88d085d5c5ce305fb683b9ddf769</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.34E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">d80df1377053866e356798a3b8cb09f7be0b4ab1c4a54ea1ed89345ad8e9b61b</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.33E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">c91933e9504083d9d28817bba1a282e6e176d582f22e2e7cd6167260ce635b4f</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.32E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">599253fd24efe7f28d9a3468b3eb3f0130fedc4a35a22b8c7b00807864ae5948</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.31E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">4d0dd58ca1142e5c495f452b4fd85f27576640f071cea82fe6f3da1db0c2c3ca</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.30E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">5c9157c1817ac665de21b826c9966ebe09de7a268f5d559f04b4d483a8625731</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.29E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">11d1617b44fccab35c630d665a0204f80c7eb15d48f6f6b0aa9cb729b388a3d7</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.28E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">63846b9110a331a20583bb3fe0ddeb853365971bf456a3b0d4208a8e26219732</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.27E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">ebcb786bc941bd939d8e0ff09fb5ee2c467ebd78758cfe70bf2ab62ecb3ac340</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.26E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">abfc47e4b198ba937da971cf103ecf32640ee83a4eaa1bee2b7f4ef231e287fc</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.25E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">dac53ac645fce72f70439d8432590b7e0aceade876a3192148f0ba2a43407fec</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.15E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">9b569774dd130d3f6212438712e8b1de37834fd4e15db750b8563385fa032b4e</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.10E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">92fb0d7f9d5f3979acadd4cb269d84c1cf2bb6f35f8b710dd054786355e60e64</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.7E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">179abbe2340e4438346b64f0b5ed024d1cad02633444a375e0456e2e9fa606e0</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.8.3E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">5a491ce85484d34094cad304ba13d1569813c678a2e4838590da02bd5c907091</i> ### Updated and secured 2.7 commercial edition and enterprise E releases with updates and security patches applied April 5, 2022 Do not use these old versions in high-risk environments due to a lack of support in old versions for newer secure OpenSSL library versions. ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.7.13E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">2d362035aa42422956ebc7b5542a330725eace06d05f01bd926aefefe243f52d</i> ![Download](images/download.png) [gSOAP 2.7.10E](thanks.html? - <i style="font-size: x-small">90e2dba933007f7e2f518ddca6df6f9b692815daa502699cbc6b2c2e15e9b653</i> [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#) The latest x86 wsdl2h.exe 2.8.124E commercial edition HTTPS-enabled release for Windows with SHA-256 checksum {#wsdl2h} --- ![Download](images/download.png) [wsdl2h.exe](thanks.html?download=wsdl2h.exe) - <i style="font-size: x-small">01c831ff631db1b0a18ae44eab0bd3fcc6dfad1ca3994cf4a1bf8c038ce20e3c</i> [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#) The latest jsoncpp.exe commercial edition release for Windows with SHA-256 checksum {#jsoncpp} --- ![Download](images/download.png) [jsoncpp.exe](thanks.html?download=jsoncpp.exe) - <i style="font-size: x-small">0ed842a8500993a919fc61aaa00eb5be8f72702b322446552cd5151245974042</i> [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#) The latest domcpp.exe commercial edition release for Windows with SHA-256 checksum {#domcpp} --- ![Download](images/download.png) [domcpp.exe](thanks.html?download=domcpp.exe) - <i style="font-size: x-small">c1bf95bdb6a3501381433def3e88de3d878101210d8d0776b5475ba7f69bfb3f</i> [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#) The latest testmsgr.exe commercial edition release for Windows with SHA-256 checksum {#testmsgr} --- ![Download](images/download.png) [testmsgr.exe](thanks.html?download=testmsgr.exe) - <i style="font-size: x-small">882bb5a161c19f4144867d8bb2b2261fe2c0d67fa7220b90a07eb1ddc2c495b1</i> [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#) RE/flex download and installation --- ![Download](images/download.png) [RE/flex]( To build the reflex tool and libraries: [command] ./ ./ The `reflex` tool is locally saved in `reflex/bin`. The `libreflex` library is locally saved in `reflex/lib`. The header files to include are located in `reflex/include`. [![To top](images/go-up.png) To top](#)