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The gSOAP toolkit

The most advanced C/C++ software development tools for Web services and XML applications

For over two decades, Genivia's gSOAP software drives systems in industry, including the financial, telecom, health, automotive, defense, energy and publishing industries.

gSOAP is the top-rated agile development framework for C/C++ Web service APIs and XML. Join our rapidly growing world-wide customer base with over a million downloads. Start expediting the development of your products to meet the latest industry standards for XML, XML Web services, WSDL and SOAP, REST, JSON, WS-Security, WS-Trust with SAML, WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-Discovery, TR-069, ONVIF, HL7, FHIR, HIPAA, CDISC, XMPP XEP, ISO 20022, SWIFT, FixML, XBRL, OTA, NDC, AWS, EWS, WCF, and more. Integrates seamlessly with Apache, IIS, cURL, and WinInet.

We offer the gSOAP standard commercial edition license with warranties and technical support. We also offer an open source GPLv2 edition of gSOAP:
  1. Our commercial edition of gSOAP in source code form can be downloaded after purchasing our royalty-free commercial end-user license agreement (EULA), see the options below. Our EULA includes product warranties, technical support and maintenance, as well as access to our download site with the commercial version of gSOAP and additional licensed products. The gSOAP toolkit is developed and maintained in-house under stringent quality control policies and practices. The commercial edition of gSOAP does not contain third-party open source software.
  2. Our open source edition of gSOAP is released under the GNU Public License (GPLv2). The GPLv2 license terms and conditions are not compatible with the sale, marketing and distribution of software products and services developed with gSOAP GPLv2: the GPLv2 open source license permits distribution of products under the terms of the GPLv2, which means that you must make the source code of your product publicly available and you permit users to redistribute and modify your product's source code as required by the GPLv2.
Genivia also offers technical support and consulting services by experienced personnel and experts in C/C++, Web APIs, and security. Please contact us for more details.
Standard license
Royalty-free commercial EULA
For a proprietary project
Includes expert tech support
Limited warranties
Commercial gSOAP edition
Commercial source code
Fixed pricing per team
Enterprise license
Royalty-free commercial EULA
All enterprise-wide projects
Includes expert tech support
Limited warranties
Commercial gSOAP edition
Commercial source code
Pricing: please inquire
GPLv2 open source
GNU public license GPLv2
For open source projects
No tech support
Use "as is"
GPLv2 gSOAP edition
GPLv2 open source code
No charge


gSOAP received the top 5/5 recommendation awarded by CRN based on a survey on C++ Web services development tools. gSOAP is top-rated 4.8/5 by SourceForge users.

"This toolkit is great! In just a day I learned all about it and have a working server already in place receiving a collection of SOAP calls!" - F. Crick

"For starters, I'd like to say that I had some end-to-end samples up and running in a couple of hours. [...] Needless to say, we're very pleased with the level of interoperability." - A. Peres-Da-Silva

"Very small and very portable. I have tried it on a number of platforms including Pocket PC and, with some refinements, it worked perfectly. Most impressive." - A. Sihera

"gSOAP is really good. It is so much more easy to use than other SOAP toolkits." - R. Kumar

"I like the gSOAP solution very much, it is quite agile and easy to understand. The documentation is well prepared." - C. Yu

"gSOAP was far beyond my expectations compared to other libraries. Not only are there plenty of examples, but they work right out-of-the-box, allowing me to quickly evaluate how well the product works or if it even works at all! You would not believe how much time I spent with some other libraries just trying to get the samples to work." - D. Heitmueller

"Even on slow handhelds, gSOAP's speed appears quite good. Our tests have shown that the transfer rates are generally faster than with code created with other well-known integrated development tools for Web Services." - S. Ryan

Why software automation with XML?

Software automation by automatic programming is vital to achieve productivity levels that scale under rigorous enforcement of reliability and security requirements.

The rate of development cost tends to rise faster as the size of the code base grows; longer development cycles have shown to correlate with a higher, non-linear growth in bug rates.

Working with schema-based data structures such as XML offers a huge advantage in this context. Schemas provide type safety by content validation rules. XML data binding tools translate this safety to strongly typed code to manipulate XML-sourced data.

In contrast, exchanging non-validated XML and JSON over open networks is vulnerable to security exploits. Non-validating SAX, DOM, or JSON libraries also require substantially more application logic, resulting in prolonged development and testing cycles.

XML data binding

The gSOAP toolkit delivers comprehensive XML data binding tools for C, C++ and C++11 that enable developers to develop XML applications very quickly. This data binding makes XML coding safe and reliable, compared to DOM and SAX parsers.


The gSOAP toolkit supports a wide variety of platforms, including Windows Win32/Win64 (XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10), MS-DOS, Cygwin, MinGW, Linux (RedHat, SuSE, etc.), Unix (Mac OS X, Solaris, HP-UX, BSD, FreeBSD, Irix, QNX, AIX, TRU64), OpenVMS, NonStop Tandem, VxWorks, WinCE, Palm OS, Symbian, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and embedded systems/RTOS.


The gSOAP toolkit generates efficient source code for fast XML serialization in XML Web services and for other XML-based applications. The serializers push and pull XML directly to and from sockets and streams.


The gSOAP toolkit meets W3C and OASIS standards requirements for WSDL, XSD, SOAP, RESTful XML, WS-I Basic and Security Profiles, WS-Policy, WS-SecurityPolicy, WS-Security, WS-Addressing, WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-Discovery, and passes W3C Databinding interoperability tests. The toolkit also includes libraries for XML-RPC and JSON.


Applications developed with gSOAP interoperate with other SOAP and RESTful XML stacks such as .NET WCF, Axis, PHP5, SOAP::Lite, SOAP4R, Weblogic, ZSI and many others. Furthermore, XML data binding enables interoperable XML data processing in non-SOAP/REST environments.

Widely deployable

Services developed with gSOAP can be deployed with Apache modules and with IIS. Also CGI and FastCGI can be used. Or simply deploy stand-alone SOAP and RESTful services and clients with the built-in HTTP/S stack.

Legacy reusable

Leverage the gSOAP toolkit to deploy legacy C and C++ systems as modernized Web services with SaaS. The Web service API and WSDL service descriptions are auto-generated for you.

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