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methodCall Struct Reference

updated Wed Aug 11 2021 by Robert van Engelen
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methodCall Struct Reference

Represents the <methodCall> element with <methodName> and request <params> for remote invocation. More...

#include <xml-rpc.h>

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Public Member Functions

 methodCall ()
 methodCall (struct soap *)
 methodCall (struct soap *, const char *endpoint, const char *methodname)
 instantiate with endpoint and method name More...
struct valueoperator[] (int)
 method parameter accessor index More...
const struct valueoperator[] (int) const
 method parameter accessor index More...
struct paramsoperator() ()
 method invocation More...
struct paramsoperator() (const struct params &)
 method invocation with param list More...
struct paramsresponse ()
 get last response More...
struct valuefault ()
 fault value of response More...
const char * name () const
 get method name More...
int error () const
 gSOAP error code More...
int recv ()
 receive call More...
int send ()
 send call More...

Public Attributes

char * methodName
 name of the method More...
struct params params
 input request parameters More...
struct soap * soap
 ref to soap struct that manages this type More...

Private Attributes

char * methodEndpoint
 XML-RPC endpoint. More...
struct methodResponsemethodResponse
 holds the response after the call More...

Detailed Description

Represents the <methodCall> element with <methodName> and request <params> for remote invocation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

methodCall::methodCall ( )
methodCall::methodCall ( struct soap )
methodCall::methodCall ( struct soap ,
const char *  endpoint,
const char *  methodname 

instantiate with endpoint and method name

Member Function Documentation

int methodCall::error ( ) const

gSOAP error code

struct value& methodCall::fault ( )

fault value of response

const char* methodCall::name ( ) const

get method name

struct params& methodCall::operator() ( )

method invocation

struct params& methodCall::operator() ( const struct params )

method invocation with param list

struct value& methodCall::operator[] ( int  )

method parameter accessor index

const struct value& methodCall::operator[] ( int  ) const

method parameter accessor index

int methodCall::recv ( )

receive call

struct params& methodCall::response ( )

get last response

int methodCall::send ( )

send call

Member Data Documentation

char* methodCall::methodEndpoint

XML-RPC endpoint.

char* methodCall::methodName

name of the method

struct methodResponse* methodCall::methodResponse

holds the response after the call

struct params methodCall::params

input request parameters

struct soap* methodCall::soap

ref to soap struct that manages this type

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