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Class List

updated Thu Feb 9 2023 by Robert van Engelen
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 C_arrayRepresents the <array> array of values element
 C_base64Represents the <base64> binary data element
 C_rawdataRepresents the <rawdata> binary data element
 C_structRepresents the <struct> record structure element
 CdataRepresents the <data> element
 CfaultRepresents the <fault> container element with a value
 CmemberRepresents the <member> element of a <struct>
 CmethodCallRepresents the <methodCall> element with <methodName> and request <params> for remote invocation
 CmethodResponseRepresents the <methodResponse> element with response <params> and <fault>
 CparamRepresents a <param> of the <params> of a <methodCall>
 CparamsRepresents the <params> of a <methodCall> request and response