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methodResponse Struct Reference

updated Thu Feb 9 2023 by Robert van Engelen
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methodResponse Struct Reference

Represents the <methodResponse> element with response <params> and <fault>. More...

#include <xml-rpc.h>

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Public Member Functions

 methodResponse ()
 methodResponse (struct soap *)
struct valueoperator[] (int)
 response parameter accessor index More...
const struct valueoperator[] (int) const
 response parameter accessor index More...
struct valueget_fault (void)
 get fault, if set More...
struct valueset_fault (const char *)
 set fault More...
struct valueset_fault (struct value &)
 set fault More...
int recv ()
 receive response More...
int send ()
 send response More...

Public Attributes

struct paramsparams
 response return parameters, if any More...
struct faultfault
 response fault, if any More...
struct soap * soap
 ref to soap struct that manages this type More...

Detailed Description

Represents the <methodResponse> element with response <params> and <fault>.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

methodResponse::methodResponse ( )
methodResponse::methodResponse ( struct soap )

Member Function Documentation

struct value& methodResponse::get_fault ( void  )

get fault, if set

struct value& methodResponse::operator[] ( int  )

response parameter accessor index

const struct value& methodResponse::operator[] ( int  ) const

response parameter accessor index

int methodResponse::recv ( )

receive response

int methodResponse::send ( )

send response

struct value& methodResponse::set_fault ( const char *  )

set fault

struct value& methodResponse::set_fault ( struct value )

set fault

Member Data Documentation

struct fault* methodResponse::fault

response fault, if any

struct params* methodResponse::params

response return parameters, if any

struct soap* methodResponse::soap

ref to soap struct that manages this type

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