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soap_wsrm_sequence Struct Reference

updated Sun Dec 9 2018 by Robert van Engelen
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soap_wsrm_sequence Struct Reference

Linked list of currently active message sequences. More...

#include <wsrmapi.h>

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Public Attributes

struct soap_wsrm_sequencenext
size_t refs
short handle
short ackreq
const char * id
const char * acksid
const char * to
const char * repto
const char * acksto
time_t timestamp
time_t expires
int retry
enum wsrm__IncompleteSequenceBehaviorType behavior
ULONG64 num
ULONG64 recvnum
ULONG64 lastnum
enum wsrm__FaultCodes fault
enum soap_wsrm_state state
struct soap_wsrm_messagemessages
struct soap_wsrm_messagemessageslast
struct soap_wsrm_rangeranges
int channel

Detailed Description

Linked list of currently active message sequences.

Member Data Documentation

short soap_wsrm_sequence::ackreq

ack requested by dest

const char* soap_wsrm_sequence::acksid

sequence ID for ack requests (gen by source)

const char* soap_wsrm_sequence::acksto

ack to endpoint

enum wsrm__IncompleteSequenceBehaviorType soap_wsrm_sequence::behavior
int soap_wsrm_sequence::channel

callback WCF channel instance

time_t soap_wsrm_sequence::expires

date/time of expiration

enum wsrm__FaultCodes soap_wsrm_sequence::fault

sequence fault (use when error)

short soap_wsrm_sequence::handle

sequence in use by source (has a handle)

const char* soap_wsrm_sequence::id

sequence ID (from dest)

ULONG64 soap_wsrm_sequence::lastnum

last message num received upon closing

struct soap_wsrm_message* soap_wsrm_sequence::messages

linked list of messages

struct soap_wsrm_message* soap_wsrm_sequence::messageslast

back insertion in message list

struct soap_wsrm_sequence* soap_wsrm_sequence::next

next sequence

ULONG64 soap_wsrm_sequence::num

message sequence num sent

struct soap_wsrm_range* soap_wsrm_sequence::ranges

ranges of received messages

ULONG64 soap_wsrm_sequence::recvnum

message num received (used to be lastnum)

size_t soap_wsrm_sequence::refs

refs to sequence

const char* soap_wsrm_sequence::repto

reply to endpoint

int soap_wsrm_sequence::retry

retry count

enum soap_wsrm_state soap_wsrm_sequence::state

sequence state

time_t soap_wsrm_sequence::timestamp

date/time of most recent update

const char* soap_wsrm_sequence::to

to endpoint

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