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wsdd__ScopesType Struct Reference

updated Thu Nov 19 2020 by Robert van Engelen
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wsdd__ScopesType Struct Reference

"":ScopesType is a complexType with simpleContent. More...

#include <wsdd.h>

Public Attributes

wsdd__UriListType __item
 __item wraps """:UriListType" simpleContent. More...
char * MatchBy
 Attribute "MatchBy" of XSD type xs:anyURI. More...

Detailed Description

"":ScopesType is a complexType with simpleContent.

struct wsdd__ScopesType operations:

Member Data Documentation

wsdd__UriListType wsdd__ScopesType::__item

__item wraps """:UriListType" simpleContent.

char* wsdd__ScopesType::MatchBy

Attribute "MatchBy" of XSD type xs:anyURI.

Optional attribute.

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