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wsa5__ProblemActionType Struct Reference

updated Thu Mar 21 2024 by Robert van Engelen
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wsa5__ProblemActionType Struct Reference

"":ProblemActionType is a complexType. More...

#include <wsa5.h>

Public Attributes

char * Action
 Element reference "":Action. More...
char * SoapAction
 Element SoapAction of type xs:anyURI. More...
_XML __anyAttribute
 Catch any attribute content in XML string. More...

Detailed Description

"":ProblemActionType is a complexType.

Member Data Documentation

_XML wsa5__ProblemActionType::__anyAttribute

Catch any attribute content in XML string.

TODO: <anyAttribute namespace="##other"> Schema extensibility is user-definable. Consult the protocol documentation to change or insert declarations. Use wsdl2h option -x to remove this attribute.

char* wsa5__ProblemActionType::Action

Element reference "":Action.

Optional element.

char* wsa5__ProblemActionType::SoapAction

Element SoapAction of type xs:anyURI.

Optional element.

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