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wininet_data Struct Reference

updated Thu Jun 4 2020 by Robert van Engelen
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wininet_data Struct Reference

Public Attributes

HINTERNET hConnection
HINTERNET hHttpRequest
BOOL bDisconnect
DWORD dwRequestFlags
char * pBuffer
size_t uiBufferLenMax
size_t uiBufferLen
BOOL bIsChunkSize
wininet_rse_callback pRseCallback

Detailed Description

plugin private data

Member Data Documentation

BOOL wininet_data::bDisconnect

connection is disconnected

BOOL wininet_data::bIsChunkSize

expecting a chunk size buffer

DWORD wininet_data::dwRequestFlags

extra request flags from user

HINTERNET wininet_data::hConnection

current connection handle

HINTERNET wininet_data::hHttpRequest

current open HTTP request

HINTERNET wininet_data::hInternet

internet session handle

char* wininet_data::pBuffer

send buffer

wininet_rse_callback wininet_data::pRseCallback

wininet_resolve_send_error callback. Allows clients to resolve ssl errors programatically

size_t wininet_data::uiBufferLen

length of data in buffer

size_t wininet_data::uiBufferLenMax

total length of the message

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