reflex Directory Reference

updated Wed Apr 10 2024 by Robert van Engelen
reflex Directory Reference


file  abslexer.h
 RE/flex abstract lexer base class for reflex-generated scanners.
file  absmatcher.h
 RE/flex abstract matcher base class and pattern matcher class.
file  bits.h
 RE/flex operations on dynamic bit vectors.
file  boostmatcher.h
 Boost::regex-based matcher engines for pattern matching.
file  convert.h
 RE/flex regex converter.
file  debug.h
 RE/flex debug logs and assertions.
file  error.h
 RE/flex regex errors.
file  flexlexer.h
 RE/flex Flex-compatible FlexLexer base class and Flex-compatible macros.
file  input.h
 RE/flex input character sequence class.
file  linematcher.h
 a matcher engine to match lines and nothing else
file  matcher.h
 RE/flex matcher engine.
file  pattern.h
 RE/flex regular expression pattern compiler.
file  pcre2matcher.h
 PCRE2-JIT-based matcher engines for pattern matching.
file  posix.h
 Get POSIX character class ranges and regex translations.
file  ranges.h
 RE/flex range sets as closed and open-ended set containers.
file  setop.h
 RE/flex operations on STL containers and sets.
file  simd.h
 RE/flex SIMD intrinsics.
file  stdmatcher.h
 C++11 std::regex-based matcher engines for pattern matching.
file  timer.h
 Measure elapsed wall-clock time in milliseconds.
file  traits.h
 Type traits for (non-)const type inference.
file  unicode.h
 Get Unicode character class ranges and UTF-8 regex translations.
file  utf8.h
 RE/flex UCS to UTF-8 converters.