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updated Wed Apr 10 2024 by Robert van Engelen
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convert.h File Reference

RE/flex regex converter. More...

#include <reflex/error.h>
#include <string>
#include <map>
#include <cstring>
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typedef int reflex::convert_flag_type
 Conversion flags for reflex::convert. More...


std::string reflex::convert (const char *pattern, const char *signature, convert_flag_type flags=convert_flag::none, bool *multiline=NULL, const std::map< std::string, std::string > *macros=NULL)
 Returns the converted regex string given a regex library signature and conversion flags, throws regex_error. More...
std::string reflex::convert (const std::string &pattern, const char *signature, convert_flag_type flags=convert_flag::none, bool *multiline=NULL, const std::map< std::string, std::string > *macros=NULL)
bool reflex::supports_modifier (const char *signature, int modchar)
bool reflex::supports_escape (const char *signature, int escape)


const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::none = 0x0000
 no conversion (default) More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::basic = 0x0001
 convert basic regex (BRE) to extended regex (ERE) More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::unicode = 0x0002
 convert . (dot), \s, \w, \l, \u, \S, \W, \L, \U to Unicode More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::recap = 0x0004
 remove capturing groups, add capturing groups to the top level More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::lex = 0x0008
 convert Lex/Flex regular expression syntax More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::u4 = 0x0010
 convert \uXXXX and UTF-16 surrogate pairs More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::anycase = 0x0020
 convert regex to ignore case, same as (?i) More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::multiline = 0x0040
 regex with multiline anchors ^ and $, same as (?m) More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::dotall = 0x0080
 convert . (dot) to match all, same as (?s) More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::freespace = 0x0100
 convert regex by removing spacing, same as (?x) More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::notnewline = 0x0200
 inverted character classes and do not match newline \n More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::permissive = 0x0400
 convert Unicode to compact UTF-8 patterns, permits some invalid UTF-8 sequences More...
const convert_flag_type reflex::convert_flag::closing = 0x8000
 permit matching ) literally when it has no opening ( More...

Detailed Description

RE/flex regex converter.

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