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http_da_data Struct Reference

updated Mon May 4 2020 by Robert van Engelen
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http_da_data Struct Reference

Plugin data to override callbacks. More...

#include <httpda.h>

Public Attributes

int(* fposthdr )(struct soap *, const char *, const char *)
int(* fparse )(struct soap *)
int(* fparsehdr )(struct soap *, const char *, const char *)
int(* fprepareinitsend )(struct soap *)
int(* fprepareinitrecv )(struct soap *)
int(* fpreparesend )(struct soap *, const char *, size_t)
int(* fpreparerecv )(struct soap *, const char *, size_t)
int(* fpreparefinalrecv )(struct soap *)
struct soap_smd_data smd_data
int option
char digest [32]
char * nonce
char * opaque
char * qop
char * alg
unsigned long nc
char * ncount
char * cnonce
char response [32]

Detailed Description

Plugin data to override callbacks.

Member Data Documentation

char* http_da_data::alg

client-side: server's algorithm value

char* http_da_data::cnonce

server-side: client's nonce

char http_da_data::digest[32]

entity body digest

int(* http_da_data::fparse) (struct soap *)
int(* http_da_data::fparsehdr) (struct soap *, const char *, const char *)
int(* http_da_data::fposthdr) (struct soap *, const char *, const char *)
int(* http_da_data::fpreparefinalrecv) (struct soap *)
int(* http_da_data::fprepareinitrecv) (struct soap *)
int(* http_da_data::fprepareinitsend) (struct soap *)
int(* http_da_data::fpreparerecv) (struct soap *, const char *, size_t)
int(* http_da_data::fpreparesend) (struct soap *, const char *, size_t)
unsigned long http_da_data::nc

client-side: generated nonce count

char* http_da_data::ncount

server-side: client's nonce count

char* http_da_data::nonce

client/server-side copy of server's nonce value

char* http_da_data::opaque

client/server-side copy of server's opaque value

int http_da_data::option

plugin server-side digest algorithm option (0 to 5)

char* http_da_data::qop

client/server-side copy of server's qop value(s)

char http_da_data::response[32]

server-side: client's response digest key

struct soap_smd_data http_da_data::smd_data

SMD engine state

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