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Class List

updated Mon Apr 22 2024 by Robert van Engelen
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 C_xop__IncludeXOP include structure with attachment data
 CNamespaceStructure of each row in a namespace table
 CsoapContext with the engine state
 Csoap_cookieCookie structure
 Csoap_dimeStores a linked list of DIME attachments received
 CSOAP_ENV__CodeSOAP Fault Code structure
 CSOAP_ENV__DetailSOAP Fault Detail structure
 CSOAP_ENV__FaultSOAP Fault structure
 CSOAP_ENV__HeaderSOAP Header structure
 CSOAP_ENV__ReasonSOAP Fault Reason structure generated by soapcpp2
 Csoap_mimeStores a linked list of MIME attachments received
 Csoap_multipartDIME/MIME/MTOM attachment data received by the engine
 Cxsd__base64BinaryXSD base64Binary structure with attachment data
 Cxsd__hexBinaryXSD hexBinary structure with attachment data