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uddi2__get_USCOREpublisherAssertions Class Reference

updated Mon Feb 22 2016
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uddi2__get_USCOREpublisherAssertions Class Reference

Schema urn:uddi-org:api_v2:"get_publisherAssertions". More...

#include <uddi_v2.h>

Public Member Functions

 uddi2__get_USCOREpublisherAssertions (struct soap *)
 Member declared in uddi2-typemap.dat. More...
uddi2__publisherAssertionssend (const char *endpoint, char *authInfo)
 Member declared in uddi2-typemap.dat. More...

Public Attributes

char * authInfo
 Element reference "urn:uddi-org:api_v2":authInfo. More...
char * generic
 Attribute generic of type xs:string. More...
struct soap * soap
 A handle to the soap struct context that manages this class instance. More...

Detailed Description

Schema urn:uddi-org:api_v2:"get_publisherAssertions".

Represents a request to obtain the full set of publisher assertions that are associated with an individual publisher.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

uddi2__get_USCOREpublisherAssertions::uddi2__get_USCOREpublisherAssertions ( struct soap soap)

Member declared in uddi2-typemap.dat.

[in]soapgSOAP context

Creates an instance of the get_USCOREpublisherAssetions class.

Member Function Documentation

uddi2__publisherAssertions * uddi2__get_USCOREpublisherAssertions::send ( const char *  endpoint,
char *  authInfo 

Member declared in uddi2-typemap.dat.

[in]endpointURL of the UDDI server
[in]authInfoauthorization token provided by the UDDI server
A pointer to a uddi2__publisherAssertions object or NULL on error

Send a request to a UDDI service to get publisher assertions.

Member Data Documentation

char* uddi2__get_USCOREpublisherAssertions::authInfo

Element reference "urn:uddi-org:api_v2":authInfo.

Required element

char* uddi2__get_USCOREpublisherAssertions::generic

Attribute generic of type xs:string.

Required attribute

struct soap* uddi2__get_USCOREpublisherAssertions::soap

A handle to the soap struct context that manages this class instance.

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